Ayahuasca- Santo Daime Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies

Ayahuasca is a mother plant from the jungle brewed with intention bringing healing to the mind, body, spirit depending on what the person is needing to have revealed at that time. Ceremonies depend on the traditions of the leader often known as a shaman. In Panama we know of two locations practicing Santo Daime, from Brazilian culture, and one group of the Native American traditions. If you have already experienced the Mother Ayahuasca´s healing, then please explain that when you fill out the contact form.

Beautiful experience we attempt to create here in Panama.

The Nitty Gritty

Ayahuasca is a very powerful plant with an extremely high level of consciousness.  To help put this into context let´s use a tangible scale. According to Dr. David Hawkins´ Map of Human Consciousness, Jesus Christ and Buddha (among others) achieved 1000, which is the ultimate amount of light a human body can achieve. The average consciousness of the entire world population as of October 29, 2013 is 225 and rising (yay because heaven knows we need it! :). Ayahuasca, aka Santo Daime (Daime means Ayahuasca and Santo means Saint) is 2000. Arch Angel Michael is 20,000. Jesus is now also at 20,000.

The value of your decision to clean and heal yourself is that you are not only raising your personal consciousness to become exponentially more powerful, precise, and capable of manifesting your heart´s desire, but you are also helping raise the subconscious intuition of all those who suffer below 200, the level of courage and integrity.

To find out where you are on the scale of consciousness check this page and write me for your free reading.

Why work with Ayahuasca?

Our human bodies can connect to source in fantastic hard-to-believe ways. The more we clean the mental stains and false beliefs that are stored in the DNA from this life-time, throughout our family blood line, etc, the higher we are raising the consciousness and subconsciousness of mankind. The planet needs us to awaken, and connecting with Mother Ayahuasca is a fast track to healing. Ayahuasca helps uproot those resistances, lifts them up to the light, and clears the pathways for our human bodies to sustainably hold more light. In this way we are all able to reach the highest levels of human consciousness if our soul desires and if we choose to listen to the call.

What´s it look like?

Below are some videos of a Santo Daime church in Brazil to help remove the WOO WOO cult perception that some have.

Regular Concentration every 15 days:

Dancing – Every 4 months – like a party –

A Xamanic ritual – many people.

Videos provided by a Brazilian client. This is his church.


The Santo Daime ceremonies in Panama are of the same lineage.

Concentration Hymns. You can learn the songs AND a bit of Portuguese too!



The Fine Print:

In my experience, because I have taken on a great responsibility to find all, clean all, and clear all within myself and therefor share and educate those who wish to also heal, I am constantly sick during the ceremonies. For me, the plant is tracing throughout all worlds, times, spaces, and dimensions healing my bio-energetic memory of all kinds of past life sufferings. I also tend to process a lot of energies on behalf of the pacha-mama or another participant who needs help. I am not yet an ayahuasca shaman. Don´t worry, if you don´t believe in past lives, your experience might be something pleasant like showing you total peace and love for the first time.  I already feel those ways 98% of the time, so my experience of cleansing will be different than yours. I´m just saying that I puke and cry my ass out, and then I sing as the celtic Goddess Bridget channels through me to provide healing tones within myself and for the benefit of others.

Preparation & Diet:

Each leader does the diet and preparation a bit differently. The way I learned, from the Native American and Peruvian traditions is a strict no salt, low sugar, no sex or masturbation with bland foods for a week before the ceremony. In this case we must limit meat to non-predatory animals and preferably more organic. The reason being

          DID YOU KNOW? that salt kills plants?  So if salt kills plants, and our bodies are filled with salt,  the medicine cannot work as deeply. Also did you know that sugar keeps us in the mind? It also rots the blood vessels thus making it much harder for the body to carry, hold, and sustain lots of light. This is the actual reason for cholesterol and plaque build up. The plaque is trying to coat the blood vessels so we don´t blow a fuze. Heart disease isn´t a cholesterol problem, it´s a too-much-sugar problem. And about the animals? Well, imagine if a lion ate a crocodile who ate a piranha fish. Knowing that energy does not dissolve  that it must be transferred, we can now understand that by consuming the suffering and aggression of other animals, we are introducing foreign low vibrations which we then must process and transmute up into the light. Keep your diet simple just makes your work and the plant´s work more effective with less distraction. Think of it like defragging and clearing the cash in your computer before installing new updates. You don´t want to be downloading a movie (heavy meal) at the same time, right? Same concept.

Why no sex?  Well, you know how when you have an orgasm, you are letting out a major explosion of energy right? Imagine rerouting that fully charged battery up into your breath and body to facilitate an explosion of healing fuel toward all the cells in your body.

In the final analysis my question to you is, HOW FAR DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE DO YOU WISH TO GO?  How deep into your healing do you want to go? How free of suffering do you wish to be? 

The amount of ´sacrifice´and respect we show for the body as a temple and to the medicine which will cleanse our temples, the deeper she will be able to scrub away our stays, leaving us shinier, happier, and more like new. Imagine that by becoming a clean vessel you are doing a great service to the world in a time of such great suffering. 

Thank you for having the courage to inquire further and for having the integrity to keep this knowledge safe with your inner circle of trusted open-minds. 

Rates 944.  Click here to better understand the scale.



10 Responses to Ayahuasca- Santo Daime Ceremonies

  1. Hi! I am Brazilian and I live in Panama. Can you tell me where I find this ceremony here in Panama? Thanks a lot!!

  2. Hello,

    Where in Panama can I find the Ayahuasca (Santo Daime) ceremonies? And how about Costa Rica and Nicaragua?

  3. Hello I will be visiting Panama from the UK from dec to feb. I am very interested in experiencing Santo- Daime ceremony whilst I am there.
    Can you please advise me?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    I have worked shamanically for many years and am a holistic therapist.

    Thank you.
    Kind regards.

  4. A friend of mine is attending an Ayahuasca ceremony this coming weekend with Nestor. Another friend of mine and I would like to join this ceremony but I haven’t heard anything from Nestor yet. Is he a reputable shaman?
    I’m worried about the use of Toe.
    Please advise.
    Thank you!

    • Hi there Linda, how’s everything?
      Just to clarify a bit, i’m not a Shaman, i just help people and Shamans with details to make the ceremonies happen, next ceremony will be on March, hope to see you there again Linda 🙂


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