Private Donations

Private Donations

Your private donation goes to the development of our professionally published digital lectures, workbooks, meditations, and prayers in English-Spanish-Portuguese, and the ongoing training required (As you can imagine there are no student loan options for shamans!), and a botanical-organic healing product line.

Your Contributions will help launch a valuable digital media product line and natural medicinal shop:


Smart Phone App to host and keep organized all your Carina Cariñosa media like: guided meditations, songs & mantras, prayers and lectures. You can keep track of our podcasts and download full albums from iTunes plus course study material downloads like eBooks and  eWorkbooks.


This will be a limited edition insert, magazine, or Coffee Table Book with articles of interesting botanical and spiritual news, science, and political news as these ancient healing traditions are rediscovered and brought into the main-stream. Our book will feature beautiful plant pictures, natural remedies, and portraits of the worlds finest healers. This magazine is meant to be the visual and written account of our world studies, while the podcasts will contain private interviews and conversations from our healer friends, showcasing many modalities. We´ll print and make digital issues as often as time and necessity allow. To make this work we need a silent investor. Who do you know?

100% Organic and Botanical Products of Panama:

Organic Lung cleanse

Organic Sun Buddy

Natural Botanical Topical Pain Anesthetic

Organic Miracle Jungle Oil

Organic Wrinkle Remover

Organic Tattoo remover

Natural Parasite cleanse

Natural Body Scrubs

Organic Toothpaste & Supplement

Crystal-color-essential oil mood sprays

We require funds for:

Preparation of shipping containers filled with organic products

Maintenance of special on-line purchasing and payment processors

Copy write research. Registering the apps. Legal Councel

Carina Cariñosa trademark and branding, product licensing, health permits

Bottling/licensing/ registration/ design/ labeling

Industrial dehydrator/containers/labels/licensing/registration

Full time employee to manage plants/make and bottle recipes for organic products/ Finding and organizing growers/suppliers of guanabana/noni, distibution, deliveries

2 Full time graphic designers for Books, workbooks, apps, website, product labels

Full time tri-lingual transcriptionist

Videographer – Photographer

Video/sound/web content editor assistant

Content assistant for uploading material and managing projects

Personal assistant to sort emails/schedule events/client followup/distribute products

House keeper/strong man/ driver /chores/ event clean up/staging

Carina´s Job: Close the contracts, produce content, create and collaborate on events, attend to patients, network, interview, volunteer, and document patient results.

What we call it:  How Much: What You Get:
High Five


   Weekly Enlightenment Newsletter


   Personal Reading of where you are on the Scale of Consciousness


   Skype Session/ Distance Reiki/ Prayer List
The Difference


   Bottle of Miracle Oil
Smooth Operator


   Wrinkle Remover or Tattoo Removal cream
Champeon’s League


   All Audio Access & Video-Group Web Invitations
Major Market Maker


   4 of each product. Private healing session
Visionary Distributor


   Whole-seller Pricing.  Week long healing and enlightenment retreatin beautiful Panama for 2 persons.
Arch Angel


 This is the level of full compassion for someone who has suffereda loss from Cancer to save the world from this horribleconspiracy. Carina will work to heal you and your family of this

pain and help end the suffering for others by making these passion

fruits available to Cancer patients world wide.Or if you are a

special case and want alternative therapy, we’ll work with you to

bring your cancer into remission.



9% shares and total profits beginning 2016. Tour of facilities, meet providers,publicity, oversight


Detailed Descriptions of What You´ll Get:


Carina’s weekly enlightenment newsletter is a massive collection of free youtube videos on all manner of subjects which she has used to help clear blockages and reach full enlightenment. She further writes about these videos/concepts, putting into context, using Dr. David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness or Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance System.  This newsletter is not a continual attempt to upsell you, is not used as a marketing tool, or full of fluff. In fact, it is extremely valuable, but since Carina is still relatively unknown, she uses the newsletter as a way of writing down all the thoughts in preparation for her books, workbooks, lecture material etc. So you are recieving the first edition as it is being written basically for free.


Receive a Personal Reading of where you are on the Scale of Consciousness

Carina will tell you:

Where you are on the map at the time of your reading, time included.

What is your usual level of consciousness as of recently.

Where were you 6 months ago, a year ago.

If you fluctuate up and down the scale a lot (say in the case of bi-polar diagnosis, or someone recovering from a break-up, addiction, or other major life trauma), you’ll learn more about that too. At this level, you are invited to tell Carina about a specific issue that is bothering you, she can tell you what your consciousness is regarding that situation consciously and subconsciously.  The reading will include professional advise, perhaps a parable from her own life story, motivation, inspiration, and tips from the masters for pivoting out of that situation into a higher level. Carina will also tell you what you can expect or what to watch out for moving forward.

We can do this via email or Skype. If we do it via Skype, then we can do a guided meditation and prayer.
What information is needed:

Full name
Birthdate, place and time
If a relationship issue, please state the other person’s name and birthdate, as well, if known.
Photographs help. Current snap shot to show how you are feeling lately and one of your best pictures ever.
Skype ID:
Phone Number
Good Times to Speak


Skype Session/ Distance Reiki/ Prayer List

This package changes depending on the client need. In this assessment, we’ll do a psychology session but at the same time allow it to grow organically depending on the individual need. This could entail an energetic healing, guided meditation, reiki during or after the call, repeated prayers throughout the week on your behalf, or education and sharing for aspiring light workers. In future sessions it may also include work on removing ghosts, past life regressions, meeting your divine feminine, divine masculine, and totem animal.  We’ll just see where the energy takes us.



Enlightenment Retreat 4 Hour Healing & Massage Enlightenment Workshop Podcasts

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