Enlightenment Retreats

Enlightenment Retreats



Weekend Enlightenment Retreat





Help organizing ride shares

Access to private pre-release audio library

Weekly Enlightenment Newsletter

Discounts apply to follow up massage, healing, yoga sessions, detox, or nutritional catering service


What you get:

1st retreat Theme:

Introduction and Soul Integration

Laboratory practice making healing delicious life-giving food

Recipes written in English and Spanish.

Yoga for specific emotional release.

Education and theory, psychology and consciousness training.


Practical prayer for the intention to release specific resistances as discovered and shared in group lecture.

All 6 Enlightenment CDs

1 evening surrender ceremony

Ascension tools group show and tell

Guided Meditations


2nd weekend retreat  Theme:

Love My Body

Ayurveda remedies

Homeopathic remedies

Organic chemistry/nutritional science

4hour spirit science video series and discussion

DNA activations

Surrender Ceremony

Yoga strength training

Your questions answered in group and private.


3rd weekend retreat Theme:

Silent Appreciation & Grounding

Lecture: The Power of Silence and detachment from ego’s need for noise and thought.

Guided meditations from various masters in English and Spanish


Foods that support meditation, foods that hinder peace of mind

Psychotherapy workshop/ classroom for resolving mental duality.

Surrender ceremony

Beach time-Being one with nature

Guided meditations for grounding.

4th weekend retreat Theme:

Letting Go of That Which No Longer Serves

Lecture: Freedom from attachment as put into context based on group discussion about the shifts in relationships as we expand. Group Support

Connecting with your Highest Ascended Self- Dressing for ascension

Artists will sell their goods and products

New Music Show and Share

Ascension Party- Tribal Gathering

Individual counseling and 30-minute detox

Yoga and massages


5th weekend retreat Theme:

Beat Cancer

Understanding the biological and psychological science of how cancer and illness is formed in the body.

Watch the powerful documentary Forbidden Cures.

Receive the Cure Cancer At Home digital directory & products guide.

Nutritional study of foods and recipes that will reverse cancer naturally.

Demonstration of food preparation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2 hours of ionic detox and recorded audios to reprogram the bio-energetic memory

Surrender false identification with the illness as you.

Individual guided meditation & energy work for releasing resistance and blockages.


6th Weekend Retreat Theme:

Being in the Heart

Shamanistic group heart healing

Heart-healthy meals and education

Yoga with emphasis on heart chakra opening

Movie- Thrive and Discussion

Music and Sounds for heart healing and activation

Visualization and Guided meditation to attract your heart’s desires

Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship workbook exercise

Individual counseling & review of workbook

Group practice of projecting love- Reiki and Telepathy practice

DNA Activation to reclaim all of your heart pieces and heal the chords of attachment from broken heart

Scholarship Applications accepted on a limited basis

Purchase workshops individually for $675

Purchase full workshop package, with two payments, get one free ´Spa day healing massage with psychotherapy, reiki, chakra balancing, guided meditation, deep tissue massage, bio-energetic reprogramming, and easy ionic detox.


Call for location details. If there is enough interest in your area, we´ll go.

Registration is limited to 20 people per weekend. We prefer group sized of 4-12.

25% upfront deposit required. 75% due 1 week prior to event. Your non-refundable donations go toward the publishing of materials for the enlightenment of humankind.




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