Recontextualizing Our Thoughts Course

Recontextualizing Our Thoughts Course

This is a fun course that will really get you thinking. Essentially the point is that we misuse our creative power all the time. This is a very interactive old-school chalkboard style group participation class. It is great for any audience from corporate to children.

So Easy a Kid Can Learn. Retirees too!We´ll learn about the 5 control dramas. Roll play examples of these control dramas and understand how they are energy thieves.

We´ll examine the common speech patterns and phrases that cause problems, either for you or by you. This is a great class for couples. 

Most importantly we´ll brain storm together on how to reframe those thoughts so that you leave empowered with hand-written phrases that you feel comfortable implementing.

In this way, your words will have more power and inertia to guide you toward what is wanted. 

We´ll also discuss some Universal Laws and Principles and the common culprits that hold us apart from that which is desired. 

We´ll use a workbook to consider what is wanted, and learn how to speak in ways that attract these things faster.

Volunteers will share with the class and ask specific questions on how to become a vibrational match.

Course materials will include many references to The Celestine Prophecy, Abraham-Hicks, and The I-Ching Handbook.

Empowering results guaranteed.

If you are interested to participate in this class, kindly comment and send an email through the contact form.  Details on times, dates, and pricing will be discussed there.

If you would like to host the course at your school, business, foundation, or social club, a nice discount can be offered. Please indicate if you would also like to include catering with a demonstration on how the foods were prepared along with nutritional benefits. 

Namaste! 😀



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