The Carina Carinosa Foundation

The Carina Carinosa Foundation

Our goal is to help people end suffering and achieve enlightenment. The primary mission of this charity is to increase consciousness without language boarders by generating multi-lingual spiritual material, videos, activities, online workshops, and retreats that are appropriate for various demographics. We are aggregating the wisdom from eastern and western cultures as well as the north and south father-mother God to help you experience Ultimate Truth first hand.

We’re currently practicing out of Austin, Texas and Panama City, Panama.  Our US branch, directed by Carina, provides physical and distance healing services, as well as handles the development and marketing for digital online products. Currently, we are developing a one-click-directory called Cure Cancer At Home which showcases all of the known alternative cancer cures. You just click to buy. We are beginning beta testing for the soft release in the 3rd quarter 2018.  Carina is also publishing her first book about enlightenment on behalf of the foundation which should be released in English by 4th quarter 2018 with the Audiobook and translations being developed in 2019.  Her big goal is to produce large workshops that offer group and individual enlightenment integration meditations and healings. The Panama City ministry is lead by Vice President Jose Ramirez and focuses more on providing resources for at-risk children to access scholarships and other community supporting youth-based events and foundations as part of the Mayor’s Council For The Prevention of Violence. We anticipate the growth of this ministry based on sales of the above-mentioned products. By 2020 we hope to own a number of school buses so as to provide transportation to the young scholars and field trips teaching them various values connecting them to Spirit and mother earth.

Our vision is to aggregate resources and empower people to create a bridge of understanding which demystifies metaphysical sciences with modern life applications by offering logistical, technical, and spiritual healing support. Our work should have no boundaries, not tied to one central location thereby creating access for all. Thus we will do the logistics of building the digital networks, training folks on how to communicate and collaborate using modern technology so that your entire team can be in the field making a difference while staying connected anywhere there is internet. We use tools like Cloud Computing, Skype, Dropbox, Google Apps, Facebook, and Asana as well as phone apps that make life easier.  Our dream is to one day build a digital telethon system that aggregates all of the country’s foundations, giving them all a digital profile and presence, and collecting donations in a transparent manner that can be traced for the prevention of fundraising fraud.


Activities include:

The Hugs Game – I am worth 1 point. You are worth 1 point. When we hug, how many points do we now have altogether? 2!  Now 3 more people join in, and we have 2+3= how many? 5! Now bombard the person who got the answer with hugs. How many people are hugging? plus the previous number? Hug. Repeat

Making Orgone pyramids –We can reverse climate issues that are the result of living in a city full of electromagnetic frequencies that produce an imbalance in the air causing the clouds not to form which thus creates droughts.  This uses crystals, metal shavings, and is a fun productive activity. Folks can make several for the home as well as collaborate on big pyramids to be placed in parks or under cancer-causing cell phone towers to reverse the damage from car fumes or the frequencies from TV’s and portable phones.

Literacy with World Renowned Boxer Roberto Duran- El Mano de Piedra (Hands of Stone)

There is a wonderful book called ‘Sangre de Campeon’  or ‘Blood of a Champion’ which Roberto will read, producing a digital audio file and what will become a national treasure being that he is the most popular Panamanian in history. We will incorporate the metaphysical aspect of the power of stones by hosting events at schools in which the kids can view a host of different cyrstals. They’ll select the one that calls their attention most, and then they will learn about the stone’s special powers.  Then we’ll encourage them to keep the crystals close for a month and let the teachers and parents report any significant changes as it may correlate to the stones’ powers. Children will receive their picture taken with hero Roberto Duran with their crystal in hand as a keepsake to mark this special occasion.

This same idea can be recycled with any popular local Panamanian icon. (or in any country using any famous person)

Los Cariñosos Football League-  A soccer program that serves as an incubator for the most scarce resource children to build values, love, and collaboration, not competition or scarcity.

One major goal is to build the Digital Communications Systems Network for the Comite Municipal para la Prevencion de Violencia (Municipal committee for violence prevention) en Panama. This is a group of 26 NGOs in Panama City (there are groups in Colon, San Miguelito, and needing to be organized in Chiriqui) who want help accessing global funding in an effort to conserve efforts and get down to the real business of service within their communities because the bureaucracy and analog methods hinder true progress.

Once the network is properly established, it will be picked up by the Mayor’s communications and administration offices, as this is a fully integrated technology system that combines the power of Apps with a custom forum, newsletter, digital mobile surveys and certification tools, as well as an information and resource dispatch for non-emergencies.   Once everyone is onboard and the waves have settled, we will launch a Telethon for Everyone, aka El Teleton Para Todos. By then, there will be instant methods of receiving payments from using the available balances on your pre-paid cell phones, the digital-mobile-money solutions now becoming available, online payments, and international donations from various worldwide organizations. Once the foundations are properly funded, the surplus of funds generated by the Telethon will go to the development of certifications, education, and transportation programs.  We start with Panama City, but with proper funding, this system can be implemented in every community across the globe.

If you’d like to contribute to the development of our foundation, please email Carina at carinacarinosa and show your support in the comments below! Our Technician needs to get paid in order to build the system for the Comite as well as do the training workshops and to help them integrate into the system. The task is enormous and imperative to help move Panama´s method of communication into the more efficient and easier way of doing digital business.



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