Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Meditation is listening to ´God´, without thought, observing the quantum field, allowing the body to receive energies from your Higher Ascended Super-Powerful Self, and your Spirit Guides.


Meditation is often confused for contemplation. Mostly we tend to rehash events from the past, or attempt to visualize something relaxing.  How productive are your musings? You might feel temporarily more relaxed for the day, but are you really learning to let go of a thought pattern that is making you sick? Are you tired of banging your head against the wall by splitting your energy with worry, doubt, and uncomfortable compromise? Are you pretty stellar at handling major crisis? Want to get better at it and prevent adding fuel to the fire? Are you afraid to step into your power and accept all the big changes (for the better) that this could entail? Do you want to arrive to the space of ´no mind´where you are easily able to harness the power of positive creation?

Welcome to Surrender Meditations by Carina Cariñosa. You can read my bio to learn what makes me such an expert. The short of it is that I have lost 120 pounds, stopped multiple addictive behaviors, which allowed me to reach the highest levels of enlightenment, become quite pleasant, happy all the time, able to go with the flow, and I have discovered time-tested methodologies that work to bring us into actualizing abundance.

If you tend to get stuck beating the same drum over and over again, then we invite you to consider signing up for a Recontextualizing Our Thoughts course.  In this way you can learn how to pivot up The Scale of Consciousness with precision. It takes practice. But there´s a saying that I disagree with. They say practice makes perfect. Incorrect. The constant repetition of something doesn´t make perfect, it makes a pattern. Right mind, Right Thought, and Right Action make perfect, and this requires education along with guided practice. You´ll know the results by how radically things seem to drop away that are unwanted and energy splitting.

We can also do private psychotherapy and energetic healing sessions in which you will be given a personalized workbook and homework to help you work out on those tough mind-changing lessons that you’ve been frantically resisting to no avail.

The only way out, is within.

A personal guided meditation session enables Carina to connect psychically and telepathically with your mind and energy body to pull the root of mental and karmic blockages. We can record your session if that helps too.

Check out the testimonies and free prayer audios before booking a session to see for yourself if this resonates.

Download the Carina Cariñosa app on iTunes. 


Namaste 😀



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