Love Touch Reiki

Love Touch Reiki

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. It is Universal Wisdom and healing channeled through the hands. The stronger your connection to the Guru Within, the stronger you capability to heal yourself and others by laying on your hands.  We start by asking the Beloved Ascended Masters to be present, humbly offering to step ego aside and pray ‘Thy will be done, and only they will.’  From here, Carina lets the reiki guide her hands over your body. This is almost always in combination with massage, crystal and chakra balancing.  We call it ‘Love Touch’ because during your massage, this is also happening, and often she will caress you lovingly as we reprogram the bio-energetic memory and consciously pull it out of your arms and feet. Using Carina’s signature technique, she guides you to surrender the blocked energies, giving it away like fertilizer to the Mother Earth so that your roots can grow stronger and bloom abundant fruit and flowers, just like you deserve. Please note that Carina can also use the reiki to heal you from a distance, over the phone, with or without your active participation.  She often does this for friends and clients in an ‘emergency’ and while praying for world peace.


Check out the Enlightenment Integration Workshop if you’re interested to participate in a group prayer session.

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