Detoxing the mind, body and spirit









You know you need it, and Carina´s crew of trained intuitive experts makes it easier and more effective.

Having been obese most all of her life, she’s more like your fasting friend! If you can come spend some time in Panama, Carina can host you and has all the equipment necessary to make some radical health improvements with you. So, if you’re looking for a committed friend and fasting partner, Carina will gladly be there with you virtually or physically.

Equipment includes:

Kangen Water PH ionizer



Tropical fruits like guanabana, noni, haritaki fruit etc

Ionic Detox Foot Bath


We combine the above with

DNA activations and bio-energetic reprograming

Lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage

Guided prayer & Heart opening activations

Carina is an excellent cook and can customize the juice flavors with you based on preference and physical needs while teaching you how to prepare delicious raw and vegetarian meals.

You’ll visit the local herb vendors on the streets of Panama, healing shops, organic farms, and bi-lingual teachers like our friends who are experts in Yoga, Nutrition, the Healing Arts, Reiki, Massage, Fitness, etc.

Have a look at the packages now available to you.



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