Healing Packages

Healing Packages


4 hours of therapy

We start with a hug to interpret what your energy is telling me.

Could be 1-2 hours using the easy ionic detox machine which includes counseling to determine the root cause for your discomforts in order cure the physical manifestation. Conversation about Law of Attraction sciences and nutrition.

We´ll do a guided meditation during your bodywork to help you open up to receiving.

Reiki and Chakra balancing. Might include crystals.

You´ll be included in our weekly enlightenment newsletter to help you integrate the affects of receiving your DNA activations as a result of the bio-energetic reprograming work done during the reiki and chakra balancing.

Receive free copies of whichever CDs Carina recommends for you.

If you believe in angels and spirit guides, we´ll work with them.  If not, we´ll discuss why and focus on connecting with your Highest Ascended Self.




Option 2:  2 hour Virtual or In Person Therapy- Counseling, Guided Surrender Meditation and Shamanic Healing

Includes counseling, life coaching, personalized guided meditations for enlightenment integration, help overcoming obstacles, visualizing the new and highly empowered you

Includes a telepathic shamanic healing while we’re on the phone together. You just lay down with a trash can nearby for the healing segment.



What is the Ionic Detox Foot Bath & How’s it Work?

Here are just some testimonials.

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