Surrender to the Guru Within Workshop

Surrender to the Guru Within Workshop

Group Energy is Powerful & Fun






A workshop that combines lecture, meditation, exercises, show and tell, plus a surrender ceremony for group energetic healing. Understand the power of surrender to your internal guru and do the homework necessary to clear your energetic field.  Workbook, newsletter, and digital surrender meditations available. Length of class can be adjusted to fit schedules. Corporate Rates available.

Carina Cariñosa is a young energetic medicine shaman and healer who channels the celtic Goddess Bridget, among other guides, to combine the metaphysical healing arts with voice, dance, spirit science, surrender ceremonies, lectures, guided meditations, prayer, and massage. Like you, Carina has been through it all and shares her experience of pivoting out of resistance into a world of abundance and 5D understanding. Come learn how to demystify the science of awakening and feel your Guru Within light up as we reset your bio-energetic memory through massage, ionic detox, chakra balancing, reiki, guided hypnotism, past life regression, DNA activations, and downloading programs for abundant clarity of heart.  Carina is also beginning a foundation in Panama which, among other things, provides digital enlightenment materials and organic plant medicines made by the country´s finest herbalists.


The Map of Human Consciousness

Metaphysical Human Biology

Learn to Listen: Learn How to Ask for Help

Allow Yourself to Receive

11 Steps: How to Surrender to Your Guru Within

Recognize, Accept, Pray for Help, Forgive, Make a Decision to Be Better, Let it Go, Surrender to the Light, Relax, Listen, Flow



Guided  Surrender Meditation

Surrender Ceremony



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