Surrender Ceremonies

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We must learn to let go of the crap and heavy energy that weighs us down and lowers our vibe -keeping us separate from our true divine Selves and that which is wanted. It doesn’t matter how enlightened we are, BAD VIBES HAPPEN, and it is a CONSTANT process to remain in the flow. Once you clear stuff from this life, there´s past life stuff to deal with. Then if you are a dedicated healer or destined to realize your avatar status in this lifetime, you´ve got to process karma for the planet as a spiritual warrior. The way in, is through release aka surrender, letting go and letting your highest ascended self, God, and your guides chauffeur you. We all have an accumulation of plaque in our energetic fields and DNA that is begging to be lifted up to the violet flame for healing at this time. How far you choose to go down the rabbit hole determines how sustainable your happiness levels will be moving forward during this cosmic alignment. So join us and get aligned!


The ceremony helps us experience step-by-step how to process heavy emotions rapidly so that you can do this at home in your daily life, while Carina Cariñosa creates a harmonious high-energy space for you to let go of your deepest fears and biggest demons without getting stuck.  She recognizes telepathically when you get stuck and uses all the energetic medicine available through The Masters to lift it out of your energy body holding it up to the Violet Flame for healing and permanent transmutation through loving acceptance, forgiveness, DNA activation, violet flame invocation, and telepathically connected surrender meditations.

The ceremonies use symbolic candles, bells, rattles, drumming, singing, crystals, incense, flowers, photographs, and whatever sacred objects you may bring to create the ambiance of a safe sacred space.

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Sacred Ceremonies



Personal testimony:

Carina was broke, I mean BROKE, squatting in a friend’s apartment with no electricity, no computer, and the computer place that had been letting her run a tab had just burned to the ground. Carina had just gotten some crystals, went to the beach to get some salt water (to cleanse them), and did a full moon surrender ceremony on the balcony at about 11pm. Her first ever. Following her intuition, she simply sang the scale do, re, mi, fa, so, la ti, do over and over until the notes came out clear. She picked a heart-shaped piece of corral from San Blas, that had sentimental and psychological value, and she began to allow every fear and doubt to come up, one by one. She channeled those fears into the heart for symbolic help transmuting the energy into love. This continued on for about 15 minutes until the mind was cleared. Feeling relieved, with each surrender, she said thank you, thank you, thank you.

The next day at 9:30am, a miracle client called. It was a $12,000 sale. When they tried to retrace how he found her online, they never quite got back to the exact link. The gates of heaven had truly opened up.

A month later, still homeless, but suddenly earning great money doing massages on the beach, now squatting in a dirty room in the ghetto, Carina did another surrender ceremony to help relieve the chaotic stress of ´not knowing´and to stop smoking. This time she used incense, candles, and other objects to clean the resistant or conflicting energies in all sectors of her life. She broke a cigarette over her prayer bowl and did an erasing visualization that had previously worked to remove a lover from her life. Within the next week, she’d stopped smoking with no anxiety for it again, had her first waking visions in which she met ‘the new guy’ who seemed to fit her very specific list of ‘what I want in a relationship’. She met him the day after the vision. She was making good money, and as she was moving her belongings out of the ghetto complex cops were literally rushing into the building with automatic weapons and news cameramen in tow.

The whole time, Carina was not afraid for her safety, ever. With the company of angels, we are never alone.

What intentions would you what to let go of in your surrender ceremony?  Please share.


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