Sara feels worlds better after receiving her first guided meditation. Listen to her testimony.

Samira experiences Kundalini awakening with Carina Cariñosa in a guided meditation

Interview with Gaston describing his experience reaching enlightenment. Beautiful guided meditation with beach and flowers at the end.


Irina describes the visions from her High self-activation


“I can speak from experience Carina is a sweet roommate, a great chef of healthy and yummy foods, her knowledge, massage and healing gifts are beyond what you can imagine.” -Healer Teresa Martinez


“Super Thank You for yesterdays Spiritual Enlightenment gathering. I’ve been on top of the world with nothing to hold me down.”- JR Muñiz


“Darling, I loved the enlightenment integration session tonight! It was uplifting and powerful! Thanks for being a great teacher and helping all of us along tonight on the road to enlightenment! I love you!…. Awesome spirituality fellowship at Carina’s today! I am on a high! The love and warmth I felt from the others in the room was amazing. I had only dabbled in meditation a little in the past, but I got a full one-hour dose of it tonight. It was a liberating, exhilarating, burden-releasing experience. Carina led us in profound and eloquent prayer, asking God to cleanse us, let the Light fill us through and through, forgive those that oppress us and taunt us, and to let us go out into the world and be good, do good, and show good, today and every day. I took another several steps toward enlightenment tonight and I plan to take many more–bettering myself in all aspects of my life– as I go through this journey on earth. Know always what a majestic being you are and the power you have to manifest goodness in this world! I love you all! Namaste!”- Robby Cruz (reached 845 out of a possible 1000 on the Scale of Enlightenment, aka Nirvana)


Sarah D, a long-time friend, decided she was ready to take Carina up on her offer to receive a heart healing after 2 long years of suffering. Carina did a psychic healing, and channeled instructions, which included the often-confusing words ‘Christ Consciousness.’ The healing couldn’t happen without Sarah’s allowing of higher power. Sarah replied, “I was raised in a crazy nuthouse of a church. Very strict religious upbringing that was forced on me. I had so many questions about things in the bible, contradictions, that nobody, not even the pastor could answer. So when you say “Christ consciousness”, I’m not sure what exactly that is because I’m not a Christian. I do not believe in many of the teachings of the bible. With any religion or faith without proof, I just feel like there is something I’m never going to “get”. But I remain open to possibilities and respect others beliefs nonetheless. I just don’t understand the whole Christ consciousness thing. I feel like I’m already a conscious being, so why the need for a biblical deity?”  Carina replied, ‘I’m not a Christian either.’  She elaborated, educated and gave Sarah a Mantra to practice while calling for a team of volunteer angels to support Sarah the moment she decided to open her heart and accept the healing. Sarah said the mantra, and that same day, Sarah’s miracle came through. Six weeks later Sarah writes, “My heart has been feeling so full and warm. Things in my life seem to be aligning in an almost serendipitous sort of way. In the past, i have only had this feeling when I would be in a relationship or in love with someone. I finally feel love coming from within and beaming outward. My new job is wonderful. I love it. In terms of money, I am also doing quite well. I can’t wait to start travel next year. My roommate is moving to Costa Rica to work for his aunt and uncle. I intend on making a trip to see him and you in the same week. I also have a trip to Iceland planned for next Christmas with my best friends who have family there. I just want you to know how thankful I am to know you and call you a friend.”  At the time of writing, on the Scale of Consciousness, Sarah rates 745, having reached through the gates of enlightenment. When she first asked for help, her consciousness was at 74. See here for greater meaning.


‘While reviewing the message I  wrote down while listening to your meditation, I can’t help but realize the resemblance to  how Christ came down and loved, empathized, took the “pain” upon himself, then healed us before he ascended back to his “cloud”.’- Nicholas Osoteo


Carina’s mother was in the hospital with 5 blood clots in her leg. Carina offered to do a psychic healing. The first time, her mother said, ‘Well it couldn’t hurt.’  Which is not the same as “Yes I allow.”  Five days later, the doctors were threatening to install a pacemaker if her heart rate didn’t stabilize. She had a weak pulse. Carina offered again to do the prayers. This time her mother said, “What do I have to do?”  This was the invitation needed. Carina worked for about 75 minutes. Within two hours, the doctors released her from the hospital.   See Terms of Service and Pricing Details here.


Treatment for PDST: The foot detox really dampens my desire to emotional eat. I’m not really having appetite problems. I feel the metal coming out. I’ve not had a Lorazapam in 4 months. I’m off all anti-psychotics and not willing to do the Thorazene shuffle anymore despite what the V.A. psychiatrist recommends in order to justify her fee. I just feel more mentally stable and generally positive. I like taking my bright light and analyzing the stuff that’s in the water. Oxygen levels are better when I sleep, so I’m sleeping deeper. Since I don’t feel as much anxiety, I don’t grasp to smoke things, and surely that is helping my breathing at night too. The detox machine seems to help the neuropathy in my legs. My doctor noticed the change in my appearance, that I’ve lost a little weight. I told her about it and she was aware of the science. The ionic detox and my inversion machines are the two best investments of my retirement.- Bill Ring


My name is Noralina, I got a wonderful chakra balancing from you at the envision festival. I made the hood and merkba pendent.

We did a lot of work on my second chakra and I wanted to let you know that I had some wonderful emotional and physical benefits from it.  Usually since I got my IUD, I would get horrible cramps every time I get my period but this last period right after our session I did not experience any discomfort.  Besides that great news, I wanted to talk to you a little more about working with my mother who has been living with an undiagnosed disabling dis-ease for the past ten years. I feel called to put you to in contact with each other.

Thank you for checking in on me because I would not have see the first email other wise.
I feel so grateful to you for facilitating my  true connection  to my higher self and understanding of god energy. Since then I have been trying to connect on a daily basis and have began to pray. The message I keep receiving is “God is love”. I feel like I can now understand and connect with god instead of resisting this idea of what god is portrayed as.


¨Last night’s meeting was enthralling.You shared a wealth of wisdom. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and so did everyone who attended the meeting. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. You’re welcome to do an encore anytime you like. In the meantime, I hope you will come to all of the meetings you can.

Yes, you’re so right. I must get started with my book. My life won’t be complete until I do it. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have for me. In the meantime, I will continue to blog.”  

Roy Smith- Spirit Quest Panama Group Organizer http://www.spirit-quest-org

¨Thank you so much for facilitating last night’s Spirit Quest meeting. It was very uplifting – and a lot of fun, too! I’ve been in a spiritual slump for several weeks, with very little interest in my spiritual studies and practices, but I believe last night’s meeting has helped to lift me out of that slump. I know everyone attending enjoyed it immensely. I love your spiritual energy, my dear spiritual sister. Keep on doing whatever you’re doing because it works.¨



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I have had lots of massages, but none like that! It was like a long, deep massage combined with a counseling session, prayer, mystic reading, and love! Not only are my neck and back much freer but I have a new awareness of how I stop my energy and intention because of fear I hold in my pelvis. I also have a new awareness of myself as a powerful, life creating force-thanks!”



¨Best massage of my life. Amazing. I can´t remember the last time I felt so loved. Thanks for clearing that thing in my neck, the thyroid gland you said. I´ve actually lost 5 pounds this last two weeks. See you next Thursday.¨- Raul


¨Carina I´ve got the best testimonial for you dear. After you did the chakra balancing on me, I actually found the courage to contact my birth father, and it´s all just so amazing the unfoldment. I feel like I´ve found a missing piece of myself. No looking back. Thank you thank you thank you.¨  (Months later, she writes back), “Cari I just wanted you to know that the healing that you’ve done for me has starting something very real and is shedding light on so many things have been murky in the past. Yesterday was the best day of my life. I got to spend quality time with my paternal dad. We really match. For the first time in this world I have found someone I can relate too on a level that no one has ever penetrated. Right now, things are really hard between my mum and I. This morning we had an explosive fight resulting in my understanding why she is the way she is. All the disconnect, the self defense, negativity and pride my mum holds, I understand it better. I never saw it clearly before … I just thought she was a bitch. I guess this is a sort of purge from fire. A lot of feelings are hurt right now on my mums side, but I know it is going toward being able to communicate better and knowing how to be a better friend to my mum and more respectful to the sacrifices that my mum and dad have made. I know what I can give them that would make them happy. Thank you so much for this Cari. It does hurt, A LOT right now, but it’s also relieving to know I can connect again and to know that I have a dad who I look like and know why I am the way that I am.”-  Poppy Wise


¨I have been working with Carina Cariñosa and yesterday I received my first full-body detox and I was shocked at the results. I am normally a pretty healthy person. I cook my own meals, I eat lean and lots of vegetables. I exercise more than regularly, I exercise religiously. For me it is a means of releasing any excess or negative energy I may have and a way of normalizing myself from stress, problems and puts me in a good state of being and balance. What doesn’t put me in a good state is drinking too much and having a hangover from hell. A combination of Smirnoff and Jagermeister. I actually don’t like to drink too much but Friday night was an exception as I went out with the girls in my Porcelain group and it was the first time I’d let myself go and have fun for the past 3 weeks. I let myself go maybe a little too much as I was actually throwing up, which is disgusting and embarrassing and I had to leave early. The next day was painful. Literallypainful. My brain felt like it was being squeezed by a vice grip, it hurt so much after I sealed a business deal I headed over to Carina Cariñosa’s place for a well-needed 2 Hour Full-body Detox.

At the end of the 2-hour session I was shocked and disgusted to see all the crap that came out of me. It was crazy. It didn’t hurt at all, at one point though I could feel tingling in my toes and I think that was the metal that was coming out of me. It’s a super-simple, yet effective detox andit really works. At the end of the session Carina could actually tell me by looking at my murky dark-brown water all the toxins in my body.



´SO AMAZING MEETING YOU!! your blessing on our circle of friends new and old helped spiral me into an exciting new relationship and brought me soo much love during [the Envision Festival in Costa Rica] thank you thank you thank you!!!!!´

Lauren Cooke


¨Hello honey!!

I’m kind of speechless. I had a wonderful night. The most incredible session ever! At the beginning When you were massaging me while I was on the ionic detox. I started feeling relaxed. Begun seeing some colors. And then when we moved to the swimming pool I surrender to you. Could see the colors like being sticks one above another, aligning moving. Could see purple, violet, red, orange, yellow in the bottom. WHen you started working on my glands in my armpit i saw a really dark purple. Like a dark mass covering the colored stick and started to melt to show the real color. Then in my head I saw colors moving around, some purple and light blue. In my throat I saw a gray wall, kind of fuzzy. You always reminded me of staying grounded and in smiling in love. And I could see lights descending and clearing the colors. When you moved to the stomach and kidneys I could see a dark cloud as I saw memories when being a child with fear but showing courage instead. You helped me comfort that boy and the different stages in which that little boy was afraid. Still have to work on this but I already feel a lot lighter. When we worked in the crown chakra I kind of forget the root after a while and then started grounding once again. For moments in the water while I was floating I felt tingling in my feet and hands. In other moments I didn’t feel my body. When we finished and you asked me to send you thanks from the heart I felt my heart expanded and taking over my whole chest and then body. It was in such a joy that words cannot get to describe. After we finished I walked out the swimming pool totally high, Seeing a golden dust around my eyes in a 360º view. And hardly new where to make the next step as I felt I was flying around the place.

Then the conversation next to the pool sharing the experience and admiring the incredible view of the city has no price! I learned to love Panama city even more than before.

Julio Gaston Caram


(Gaston left his body in November 2014. His mother and I connected 2 months later ´by chance´ on Facebook. I immediately gave her a remote healing. This is her testimonial in Spanish.)

Carina me hizo tomar un vaso de agua y esperar tres minutos, luego recostarme y respirar pensando en dejarla  trabajar en mi cuerpo con Gaston para sanarme , me entregue y deje que salga todo lo malo afuera dandoselo para que lo lleve lejos y lo saque de mi casa y de mi cuerpo…sentia algo dentro de la boca del estomago hasta el corazon que me hacia retorcer y gemir ..hacer ruidos extranos feos…mi cuerpo se retorcia mientras veia un color rojo fuerte que luego se disipaba a amarillo palido, sentia un fuerte dolor en el occipital mientras veia lineas claras blancas fluo y volvia el color rojo  se iba mezclando con el a amarillo con facetas tipo cristales.,,,llore desde adentro con ganas, bronca……Luego me arrodille en la cama y mis manos fueron hacia mi pecho queriendo abrir mis costillas separalas, expandir el corazon, que deberia tenerlo muy cerrado..me fui relajando….Siempre con los colores rojo…mezclado con el amarillo palido y ahi me quede viendo como cristales a alguien, sentia que me tocaban apenas las manos y la espalda a la altura de las cadera una mano de cada lado….Me inundo una gran paz..rei..y agradeci  mucho….

Silvia Ruiz


Carina Cariñosa is a wonderfully energetic charged person, with a keen intuition and a good sense of humour to add to her joyful personality.
She worked on balancing my chakras and clearing out negative thought forms.  She was quick to perceive and  pick  up on areas that were producing most resistance.
The result,  a  great sense of tranquility and wellbeing.   Her tips and advice to overcome certain limiting beliefs were to the point  and very useful.
Carina is a born healer, dedicated to improving  peoples lives.

To whom it may concern and Evolving Wisdom:

I would like to recommend Carina Carinosa for employment with your company.

Carina has been studying and working in the company of healers, shamans and transformational leaders to grow and expand her self first then using her own experiences and knowledge to guide and counsel many seekers on the path towards wholeness, wellness and inner resolution.

She is accessible, outgoing, aware, has integrity and a good listener. My experience with Carina has been one of mutual interest in the feminine power awakening-  movement and metaphysics. She is on the path very determined to serve and share with others all she has learned and imbibed and yet with a willingness to her own growth and expansion. I have been on her mailing list to receive her weekly course material and have found it very helpful, detailed and unique.  She is highly intuitive, receptive and just downright friendly. She would be a great asset to any company whose mission is to be cause in the awakening; the shift towards enlightenment.

Nancy OCarroll- Graduate “Co-creating Feminine Power Course Mastery

Carina is a star. She has been such a guiding light for me during my path towards enlightenment. Her words of wisdom, her simplistic approach and sincere care for the betterment of people can be felt for miles. She has facilitated my growth through one-on-one Skype conversation and text chatting. It is instant rapport and connection every time regardless of how long it has been since our last encounter (or the thousands of milses that seperate us). My favorite characteristic of hers is that she is raw. She goes through obstacles, temptations and trials and voices them, acknowledges the issue, tracks her progress and puts herself in a vulnerable state where others can see and hopefully learn from it and/or contribute to the solution. She is an inspiration to me and a pillar in my growth and success.

Vonia Lopez

Hello pretty!

Of course you are ready for that audience [Evolving Wisdom & Finer Minds] and much more.

I have had a wonderful experience. Had a wonderful guided meditation balancing my energy and grounding me. We worked on the opening and cleansing of my energy in a wonderful beach with the sounds of the waves. Then received a relaxing massage which relaxed me even more. And then a detox procedure. Through this whole process Carina was very comprehensive. She explained all the steps I was going through. How to focus on the right energy. What I was doing wrong. How to correct it. And advise me on better habits. If anybody did not try any of the many services she provides, i strongly suggest to try it. You’ll feel a whole new person after meeting her.

Hope it works for your column. If you need anything else just let me know.

Love and light,

Julio Gaston Caram
Fort Davis – Colon – Panama.


Hola Carina,

Thank you for the email.  Its great,  I just recently listened to this youtube but there was not any image just a blank screen so I appreciated this one alot with the video.

I have been reading the Vortex and watching some videos lately of Esther, really great stuff to help shift the dimension of thinking or that old way of being.

Sound like you are in a great place and I appreciate and honor your expression and support for others.  Very beautiful, continue to be the light and shine upon others 🙂  Namaste

Look forward to seeing you sis-star!!

love and light

blessings- Beloved I AM that I AM , Tlove


Muy Buenos dias…Carina…Good Morning….

I do enjoy your mails,sometimes I read them right away, sometimes I read them all thru the week.
But the most important thing is that you are giving me tools to cope with people at work, at the street and tools to cope with myself, wich is most important to me.

In order for me to understand the Gift of Life.
I am getting to know myself in a better way, I do respect your time and effort for sending very good material.

In fact , I am working a lot with this site that you gracefully show me: guidespeak.com
Thanks for all your honest and sincere advices…
God Bless you…

Carlos E. D’Anello Saénz



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