Pricing & Legal T.O.S.

General Price list:

In Studio:

$25 per hour- Group Ceremonies and Lectures

$120 per hour- Non-Spiritual Chi Flow Love Massage, Emotional Code Magnetic Release Therapy, Counseling, Symptom & Illness Causation Diagnosis, Ionic Detox, Reiki, Nutrition Cooking Class (Food Included), & Yoga Physical Therapy

$120 per hour- Deep Tissue Massage with DNA repair and Resistant Energy Removal, Reflexology, Private Ceremony, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Healing (Organ repair), Bio-Energetic Reprogramming, Subconscious and Yypnotism Therapy,  DNA Activation, Angelic Coding

$100 per hour- Psychic Healing, Manifestation Prayers & Blessings, Regressions, Breaking Bonds, Healing Karmic Contracts for you and Loved Ones, Channeling Spirits, Cleansing & Blessing Properties

$260 per hour- Ghost Removal/ Ascencion & Demon removal* *Consultation fee for Counseling & Diagnostic Testing to determine this diagnosis is $30. In these cases, expect an initial investment of $200-450. This service is usually followed by a shamanic healing and or chakra balancing with light massage. Where there are ghosts and demons there are deeper issues so sessions take time. Don’t worry, your fee will be calculated fairly.

House Calls:

+$20 per hour

Note: Most healing sessions range from 3-5 hours for a full healing to take place and root causes to not be reactivated.

Plan to arrive early so that sessions can begin on time. Give yourself time to relax before operating heavy equipment. Clients often report feeling so light and out of their body they may have difficulty walking at first. Plus the Euphoria created is best to be savored.


Carina is currently traveling and offers psychic healing, Skype, and phone sessions.

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy:

Your trust is beyond measure. If a case needs to be discussed for education/training/diagnosis purposes, you can trust that it would only be shared within our close-nit and trusted family of healers or apprentices. Whenever possible, names would be changed. If a session or conversation is recorded and posted for testimonials or as a podcast it is understood that verbal permission and rights of usage were granted. International contracts are generally recognized as placebo. Karma is king.


We don’t like cancellations. Take your health seriously. Arrive to appointments on time. Demonstrate your character by showing up. Like yours, Carina’s time is valuable. At this stage in her game she is only attending 2 clients per week in order to make time for the completion of her first book, fine tuning the CDs which will be loaded to iTunes, and initiating her Podcast series. Plus she has a day job (from her previous gig before enlightenment) and is working diligently to train her physical body and singing voice in preparation for the big stage and big screen. Your financial contribution furthers Carina’s purpose as a teacher, healer, author, lecturer and philanthropist. Please try take your wellness as seriously as Carina does.

1st Reschedule:

A $30 fee assessed, with advance payment required for second appointment to be rescheduled. Speak to assistant for card processing.

2nd Reschedule: Client may not reschedule further sessions.

Carina is a serious doctor of energetic medicine. Just because she does not abuse or participate in an HMO or traditional medical insurance institutions who have annoying collection agents this does not give license to negligence on your part. Sessions are billed by card in advance. Call for an initial consultation and scheduling. Note: Unlike many healers with prosperity issues, Carina is not bound by any vows of poverty and knows that she deserves an even energy exchange for her efforts. Just as you expect to get paid for your work and have bills, so does she.  If you need desperate assistance and cannot pay, write your case in an email and know that you will receive a prayerful blessing at minimum.

Book when you are ready to heal.

Why we charge and why we’re firm about it:

Carina is not supported by a church who would cover her needs donning a treasury to further the mission. Plus, law of attraction and how abundance flows, requires that we give in order to receive. Further, marketing psychology generally dictates that what is given for free typically loses its value. Carina once paid $162.75 for a two hour visit with a Holistic Chiropractor in Panama City. He was so expensive, she paid attention and followed the directions, which required some life changes. To clear her body of her own karmic wreckage PLUS yours, requires regular maintenance, for which she gets charged regular prices. Bartering for everything takes up valuable time and is not a sustainably prosperous practice. Doctors don’t walk into other doctor’s offices expecting free visits. The chiropractor certainly paid out of pocket for his education, as there are no major financial institutions giving student loans for aspiring shaman. Airlines simply don’t accept hugs as payments, you see, and obtaining that experience from indigenous is hardly free. Hotels, gas stations and electric companies likewise do not accept hugs as payments. The ones who receive free services are the seriously impoverished on the street with ulcers. You will not receive pity. Enlightenment is all about taking ownership. You can give. Carina certainly does.


All services and products are non-refundable.

-Ceremonies and lectures are billed as donations. Give what’s in your heart to give.

-Carina does not work on clients if she’s feeling weak from personal life stuff. Sometimes stuff gets stuck and is hard to discharge causing energy to be low or in the ‘wrong frame of mind.’ To prevent that from happening, she is not currently available for marriage or children so as to prevent a transference of junk from her life stuff to you. Likewise she does not participate in vices, which can attract resistant energies.  If she has a personal reason for canceling, you can trust that it is best for you to receive your therapy at another time. She wishes you to receive her full power.

-If you buy a promotional package that has a cumulative time requirement, such as every two weeks you must return to build upon previous work. A refund is not required after 30 days of failure to appear or reschedule. We’re all busy. Commit to yourself. Commit to your health. Make the time. You are your own best investment.

Example 1:  Fibromyalgia client

We cured fibromyalgia in 5 visits over the course of 6 weeks. Client attended when requested. Initially she was to be seen every 10 days, then 14 days and 21 days. This cannot be determined in advance. The energy must be felt.  She was given a dietary protocol such as ‘remove all white from your diet: white sugar, white bread, white flour’. She was given herbal topical pain killers and instructions for consistent use. She did these things and participated fully in her healing. Because of her determination to beat this, she was cured in 6 weeks after suffering miserably for 12 years. When Carina met her, walking at the park, and introduced herself, she said, ‘I’m convinced this is mental.’  Carina said, ‘You’re right. So we must reprogram the mental part, allow higher powers to assist, and then pull it out of the physical. Then we must stop feeding it mentally and physically.’  She agreed and was healed.

Moral: If she had not done these things, it would have taken longer. Placebo is a real and powerful healing tool. If laziness, doubt, indignation or pride override the work, or generally speaking, a misappropriation of free will, then you cannot be healed. Those using MAOI inhibitors may not enjoy miraculous mental results do to the nature of how those chemicals suppress the brains’ proper functioning and may require follow-ups. 

Example 2: Non-Medicated, Breaking Bonds, Ghost & Demon Removal

Our good friend had been suffering from demonic possession for nearly a year. Carina hadn’t unlocked this element of her psychic gifts yet, and though her friend looked possessed and was begging for help, Carina couldn’t bring herself to provide the support she needed. Circumstantially, they also could never seem to set an appointment together. Once Carina returned from a trip, in which she had unlocked these gifts of dealing with ghosts and demons, her friend actually felt her arrive back to Panama and called immediately. She bought a detox package and during the counseling, Carina removed two ghosts, family members. During a healing & detox session Carina helped her friend make some dissensions to ask forgiveness and break some major bonds. Circumstances led Carina to the friend’s house where she confided that there seemed to be some kind of entity at the house.  When she walked in, she could feel the demon right away.  It left the room, and got stuck inside of her. This was realized and released out into the jungle during the car trip back to the city. (It didn’t want to go to heaven or back to where it came, so it just went into the jungle.) Carina’s higher guidance was directing this show. The principle reason why it was all able to come together is that her friend had finally gotten off the medications, having become determined to take charge of her life’s situation. Her higher guidance was directing her too. Once we cleared the bonds, guidance lead to the entity removal immediately afterwards so that the work would remain effective.

Moral: If you suspect that any of the above is your case, then be mentally & financially prepared.  Carina will assist with the rest.

Example 3: Clearing Property

Carina once cleared the property at a ranch. She charged US prices of $60 per hour. The circumstances in which she was guided to this work were as follows:

1. Carina wanted to go to the particular festival, so she bought a ticket. She also wanted to meet the owners, so she set the intention.

2. She found herself aimlessly driving around the city, stopped in at the botanical gardens because she loves flowers, and found herself at a healthy smoothy shop instead of the familiar taco grill across the street. A gentleman takes a seat outside with his dog and a plane ticket. Having just been on a plane, Carina strikes up a conversation which leads to ‘Know of any good festivals?’. The guy mentions her same festival, and Carina says she’s looking to meet the owners. Turns out he knows the woman, and Carina gets the contact. She calls immediately. Turns out the woman and her crew had been looking for a healer to come clean the property. The ranch had been in the family for over 160 years. There was an Indian burial ground and a slave grave. There had been an alleged rape and murder. (Side note: she got a VIP crew pass, which is how she always expects to roll, and hadn’t needed to buy the ticket after all.)

Long story short, Carina worked on this property for 3 hours and billed 1 massage and 1 chakra balancing for a total of only $450. However, something got stuck to her, and it was as if her body became a playground for demonic activity. On the one hand, it was Carina’s fault for acting impurely, another angle of inexperience, and also the sheer fact that ghosts and demons don’t play fair. Upon Carina’s return to Panama from the states, she was very ill for 2 weeks while undergoing a sever States Detox and lifted 23 demons out of her body. Was it worth it? Ehhh, experience is good, and Carina always takes advantage of making good use of her time, but generally speaking, no she won’t be doing that again for such a nominal fee.

Moral: Please understand that Carina decided her work will not allow her to engage in most common worldly behaviors.  She’s a super fun girl, but she can’t drink, smoke, eat sugar, watch porn, get married, have kids, and is totally confused about dating and casual sex. She sacrifices in order to hold this healing space for you. Thanks in advance for your support. If you suspect you have ghost or demon issues, be upfront about it please. 


You are in charge of your health and reality- what goes in, what comes out, what you choose to believe. What goes around comes around. Carina herself finds these things hard to believe as she becomes aware of them and studies relentlessly to solve the puzzle. She recently time traveled for the first time, and feels really strange talking to most people about it, even her closest friends. Her own family doesn’t fully believe. Some aspects of the gifts she doesn’t yet fully understand, though she searches for scientific proof. This happened because she really committed and downloaded so many programs. Thus, the talents are unfolding at lightning speed. It can be hard for the body and mind to keep up. Just try to have an open mind. If you’re not into Jesus, she understands. If you’re afraid of the idea of ghosts and demons becoming part of your reality, she understands. If you just want an awesome massage, she understands. Most of this can be felt/sensed/ read in your thoughts and energy field once you are present. So don’t trip out. We’ll be gentle about this. Just realize that when we let the masters step in, that pace can accelerate beyond our comprehension. The only reasons miracles don’t happen instantly is a result of resistance, blockages, and the natural gestation period required on earth to move mountains. Carina has been studying and practicing with conviction for 18 years and counting. It’s her job to help you remove obstacles swiftly with the least discomfort possible so that you don’t have to stubbornly suffer through ascension as she did.

Now, take a deeeeeeep breath. It’ll all be fine. It’s all right. It was always all right. We’ll show you how to remember these truths.

As the Buddha said, ‘Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.’

Check out some of our testimonials here.

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Namaste 😀

(Namaste means: The light in me acknowledges and recognizes the light within you.)



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