Pricing & Legal T.O.S.

Due to the sensitive, controversial, and triggering nature of our work, all product sales and donations are non-refundable.  Consider yourself warned. If you don’t show up, that’s not our fault; It’s your choice.



We don’t like cancellations. Take your health seriously. Show up to appointments on time. Be sober & not lit on stimulants like caffeine, sugar, etc.

Sessions are billed by card in advance. Call for an initial consultation and scheduling. Note: Unlike many healers with prosperity issues, Carina is not bound by any vows of poverty and knows that she deserves an even energy exchange for her efforts. Just as you expect to get paid for your work and have bills, so does she.  If you need desperate assistance and cannot pay, write your case in an email and know that you will receive a prayerful blessing at minimum.

Book when you are willing to show up for yourself.

You get 1 free reschedule if it’s an honest apologetic mistake. If your ego’s resistance is just making excuses for why it doesn’t show up for healing, and you don’t apologize for how your actions impact others, then that’s your karma problem, not ours. 


Disclaimer: Just try to have an open mind.

As the Buddha said, ‘Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.’

Carina is not a board-certified medical doctor. You are in charge of your health and reality- what goes in, what comes out, what you choose to believe. Carina herself finds these things hard to believe as she becomes aware of them and studies relentlessly to solve the puzzle. She recently time traveled for the first time and feels really strange talking to most people about it, even her closest friends. Her own family doesn’t fully believe. This happened because she really committed and downloaded so many programs. Thus, the talents are unfolding at lightning speed. It can be hard for the body and mind to keep up.

Just try to have an open mind. If you’re not into Jesus, she understands. If you’re afraid of the idea of ghosts and demons becoming part of your reality, she understands. If you just want an awesome massage, she understands. Most of this can be felt/sensed/ read in your thoughts and energy field once you are present. So don’t trip out. We’ll be gentle about this. Just realize that when we let the masters step in, that pace can accelerate beyond our comprehension. The only reasons miracles don’t happen instantly is a result of resistance, blockages, and the natural gestation period required on earth to move mountains. Carina has been studying and practicing with a conviction for 20 years and counting. It’s her job to help you remove obstacles swiftly with the least discomfort possible so that you don’t have to stubbornly suffer through ascension as she did. When she holds space for you, it’s rarely a horribly painful experience. It’s usually very gentle for you. Some people fall asleep if they’re receiving a lot of downloads. 

Now, take a deeeeeeep breath. It’ll all be fine. It’s all right. It was always all right. We’ll show you how to remember these truths.


Privacy & Confidentiality Policy:

Your trust is a privilege that must be earned. Trust is a two-way street. I do what I say I’m going to do, and you do what you say you will.  If a person’s case needs to be discussed for education/training/diagnosis purposes, you can trust that it would only be shared within our close-knit and trusted family of healers or apprentices.

You come here for healing and transmutation, not stagnation. Be prepared to confess and get help shifting your relationships in profound ways. Carina is an Ordained Minister and thus would have confidentiality rights if subpoenaed. 

If a session or conversation is recorded and posted for testimonials or as a podcast it is safely understood that verbal permission and rights of usage were granted. Karma is king.


General Price list:

In Studio:

$50 per hour- Group Ceremonies and Lectures

$200 per hour- Counseling, Symptom & Illness Causation, Ionic Detox, Crystal Therapy, Yoga Physical Therapy, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Bio-energetic Diagnostics.

$300 per hour- DNA repair and Resistant Energy Removal, Private Ceremony, Intimacy Yoga, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Healing (Organ repair), Bio-Energetic Reprogramming, Subconscious and Hypnotism Therapy,  Manifestation Prayers & Blessings

$300 per hour- Emotional Code Magnetic Release Therapy, Psychic Healing, DNA Activation, Angelic Coding, Regressions, Breaking Bonds, Healing Karmic Contracts for you and Loved Ones, Channeling Spirits, Cleansing & Blessing Properties

$500 per hour- Ghost Removal/ Ascension & Demon removal* *Consultation fee for Counseling & Diagnostic Testing to determine this diagnosis is $200per hour. This service is usually followed by a shamanic healing and or chakra balancing with bodywork. Where there are ghosts and demons there are deeper issues so sessions take time.

Why we charge and why we’re firm about it:

Carina is not supported by a church who would cover her needs donning a treasury to further the mission. Plus, law of attraction and how abundance flows, requires that we give in order to receive. Further, marketing psychology generally dictates that what is given for free typically loses its value perception. Example: Carina once paid $162.75 for a two hour visit with a Holistic Chiropractor in Panama City. He was so expensive, she paid attention and followed the directions, which required some uncomfortable life changes. To clear her body of her own karmic wreckage PLUS yours requires a higher level of regular maintenance, for which she gets charged regular prices. If you can’t pay, there are all kinds of free and or cheap information available which you can find if you’re willing to look. Bartering for everything takes up valuable time and is not a sustainably prosperous practice.  Plus if I value my time at 20x more than you value your time, it creates disparity in the barter. Doctors don’t walk into other doctor’s offices expecting free visits. The chiropractor certainly paid out of pocket for his education. There are no major financial institutions giving student loans for aspiring shaman. Airlines simply don’t accept hugs as payments, you see, and obtaining that experience from indigenous is hardly free, cheap or easy. Hotels, gas and electric companies likewise do not accept hugs as payments. Carina would very much like to spend more time doing more pro-bono work, but the money to sustain the back-office has to come from somewhere. Enlightenment is all about taking ownership. You can give. Carina certainly does.




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