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Hello Beloved,

Thank you for your interest in profound healing. Allow me to be brief.

A list of physical and psychic healing services, with prices, is now available for viewing by downloading the new Carina Cariñosa app for smart phone. It features services by myself and 4 other healers to include shamanistic chakra balancing (reiki implicit), massage, DNA activations, Akashik Record Readings, Whale & Dolphin Wisdom readings, as well as breaking chords, hooks, attachments, contracts, and removal of dark entities or implants.

If that´s too far out and you just need the best massage of your life, believe me, I understand. For the summer I’m staying on the beach in Panama with a cabana just for healing. In September-October I’ll travel from Florida to California in mini-van to Mt. Shasta and up the coast to Vancouver. Would you care to join?

Check here for Pricing and Terms of Service.

Check here for Current Package Deals.

Due Diligence:


What is the Ionic Detox and how can it benefit me?

Sing with Carina


To schedule an appointment, kindly be thorough about contact details, needs, symptoms, emotional upsets, and all the best ways to contact you. Do that using the form on your right-hand-side.

I have sent  you a team of volunteer angels to support your path! You just have to invite them in, allow them to flow and work through you. Let them show you toward your ultimate happiness, connection, & purpose.




Download Pamphlet – JPEG [English]

Download Pamphlet – PDF [English]

Download Pamphlet JPEG [Spanish]

Download Pamphlet PDF [ Spanish]




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