Who is Carina Cariñosa

Who is Carina Cariñosa

Carina is a 37 year old enlightened telepathic empath, star seed, indigo child, metaphysical and paranormal psychologist, author, singer, shaman and ordained minister. She combines the healing arts with spirit science, reiki, chakra balancing, surrender ceremonies, body work, lectures, guided surrender meditations, prayer, exercise & nutrition, music, singing, dance, crystal therapy, plus various natural and ancient supplements.

Most of her work can be conducted from a distance. Physical clients have been healed of cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, Gout, sexual traumas, menstrual issues, IUD discomfort, chronic fatigue, dislocated shoulders, tendinitis, chronic spinal misalignment, depression, mother and father wounding, possessions, curses and past life karma issues.

Carina will help you connect to your highest ascended self and receive DNA activations as facilitated by any number of benevolent beings serving the greatest and highest good of all.

If you have fundamental aversions to religious references NO WORRIES; we’ll do counseling about that and adjust according to what you’re comfortable with.

You’ll see that her work dissolves ego’s strong-hold and raises your vibrations allowing you to be happier, healthier, and make better decisions in alignment with your soul´s true purpose.

The experience manifests usually as a distance reiki and chakra balancing, working with Source and a team of volunteer guides serving the highest truth-love-light-joy to produce bio-energetic reprogramming, forgiveness, and erase karma throughout the timeline, downloading programs for abundance and other blessings. Any number of healing modalities may be intuited as each person is very unique.

What is Polymath?

Carina can provide psychic healing and counseling services remotely. 

The key difference in Carina´s work is that you are involved in your healing process as she encourages you to SURRENDER TO YOUR GURU WITHIN and reclaim the power of your divine angelic human nature. Her goal is to help you listen to and trust your intuition.

Thanks to world renowned psychologist Dr. David Hawkins, Carina is able to quantifiably measure thoughts (past, present, future) and Levels of Consciousness (LOC) using The Scale of Human Consciousness featured below.

This Scale accurately demystifies the human psyche by outlining paradigms of thought. The thoughts coincide with the chakra system, which coincides with the anatomy & physiology, which coincides with specific sounds, color frequencies, crystals, sacred geometric shapes, and various sacred objects or symbols.

The Scale provides an easy-to-use colorful guide which helps the mind to understand, interpret, and release resistant thoughts. Releasing resistance allows us to become fully enlightened beings. If you are reading this, then you are curious about reaching enlightenment, and that means, you are destined for it in this lifetime should you become willing to truly surrender to you higher multidimensional powers. Learn more about psychic readings here.






















Other major influences to Carina’s work include: Abraham-Hicks (The Emotional Guidance System), the I-Ching Handbook by Wu Wei, Louis Hayes, Terrance McKenna, Ram Dass, and really all the healing modalities with dabbles of reference to various religions or systems as they may share common themes throughout the science of spirituality. She is particularly interested in metaphysics and quantum physics. Carina works with all of the highest Angel Guides and Ascended Masters, ancestors, elements, elementals, whomever may be working for you beyond the veil. She can channel their names for you at the end of your session so that you can further study who is helping you via Google and YouTube. It´s not as if she knows who they are and specifically invokes them. Rather, we allow our hearts to connect with their consciousness and whomever is appropriate in the moment will come in.

You can now download the Carina Cariñosa app to your smart devise to see a list of services that she and other powerful psychic healer colleagues are able to provide. You´ll also get free access to audio lectures and workshops which you can listen to while multitasking.



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