You Are Equally Divine As Every Ascended Master

From the Experts Abraham- Hicks.

Carina works with the Light. There we find all kinds of ascended masters including your Highest Ascended Self and others like Jesus, Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Buddha, Babaji, Yogananda, to name a few.  It is written that all people were originally angels. So we chose bodies to have a sort of laboratory in which to express our co-creative being and experience further expansion. Thinking that we were once more divine, DNA activated, and able to behave with more integrity and perfection feels empowering and an idea worth pursuing. Would you agree?
It is very interesting to study the Beloved Ascended Masters. In our spiritual practice we might find that one or several ascended energies are working with us, if we simply open our hearts to identifying who are helpers are then to actually receiving the help. We just have to ask for it. It´s cool how simple this equation really is. Private practice makes us more adept at tuning into their healing frequencies and guidance.
Repeat:  I allow this day to turn out more magical than I can imagine.
Carina recommends a free daily dose of Abraham- Hicks every morning for 60 days, especially when you slip back down into judgement. If you have not yet lifted out of judgement, or if it´s been a while, just remember to ask the Masters for help. If you´d like some help kickstarting your journey from a physical teacher, just fill out the contact form. Namaste



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